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Use of this procedure is intended to minimize the effects of sports concussion injuries for players in Bridgewater Youth Lacrosse (BYL). A comprehensive approach will be used involving the education of players, parents, and volunteer coaches, and the supervision and management of an injured player during a concussion and recovery period. Post-injury, a medical referral and return to participation must be obtained. Although every concussion is different, standardized guidelines for monitoring and management of concussed players is essential to implement the most comprehensive and inclusive interventions, monitor recovery, reduce complications, and reduce the risk of repeat brain injury of concussed athletes.


1. Definition: A concussion is a brain injury that results in a temporary disruption of normal brain function. A concussion occurs when the brain is violently rocked back and forth or twisted inside the skull as a result of a blow to the head or body. An athlete does not have to lose consciousness (be “knocked out”) to suffer a concussion.


2. DPH-approved pre-participation educational seminars about sports concussion will be provided each season. All coaches will attend or watch the seminars and provide documentation of completion.


3. If a student sustains a head injury or concussion at any time, but not while participating in an

extracurricular athletic activity, the parent will notify BYL.


4. Any player showing signs or symptoms of concussion after a head injury must be removed from the game or practice immediately. The player may not return to play that day and must be properly evaluated by a medical provider before resuming BYL activities.


5. The coach will communicate the nature of the injury directly to the parent/ guardian in person or by phone immediately after the practice or competition from which a student has been removed.


6. Any player who suffers a head injury with loss of consciousness shall be evacuated using EMS for immediate evaluation at a local hospital emergency department. Less severe injuries may also be evacuated using EMS dependent upon sideline evaluation. Any player suspected of having concussion symptoms, either through sideline assessment, by later report from another player, coach, or parent, or will not be permitted to leave a venue without responsible adult supervision.


7. Coaches will send any athlete suspected of sustaining a concussion will not return the player to play in practices or contests unless physician clearance has been given. 


8. This Head Injury/Concussion Guidelines will be provided in writing to the parent/guardian via the BYL website. 


9. The concussed athlete must complete a graduated return to play before resuming full participation in BYL activities.


10. Only the following individuals may authorize a student to return to play:

a) licensed physician

b) licensed nurse practitioner in consultation with a licensed physician 

c) licensed neuropsychologist in coordination with the physician managing the player’s recovery.


11. Once a player has been cleared to return to regular sports participation, the parent will notify the head coach by email with a copy of the letter clearing the player.


12. A second concussion in the same season will result in ending the player’s participation for the season.



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Bridgewater-Raynham Regional School District Policy JJIF