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Winter Lacrosse

by posted 10/11/2021

As a reminder of what we shared last year.
Effective January 1, 2022, all players will need shoulder pads that meet NOCSAE standard ND200. This went into effect this year for goalies. In 2022 it will be required for all field players. This rule requires that shoulder pads have specific chest pad protection. 
For their safety, they will not be allowed to participate in any practice or game without these shoulder pads after January 1st, this includes Winter Lacrosse at the Dome and the Spring 2022 season.
Given some of the retail delays, we strongly recommend you purchase these sooner rather than later. They're also a little bit bigger/boxier, so your son will likely need a few practices to get use to them. When you purchase look for the NOCSAE logo and SEI certification mark.
Please reach out if you have questions. You can also visit USALacrosse.com for more information and see the attached picture of the certification mark.

by posted 10/01/2021
Old Colony Lacrosse

Bridgewater Youth Lacrosse is one of 8 founding member towns of the Old Colony Lacrosse League.

For more information: